All our products are made in the UK and come with a 5 year guarantee

In every mattress we make, we combine smart innovation, precise engineering and industry-leading research and testing to ensure quality and durability.
You can trust Sealy to deliver durable support and comfort in every mattress we make.

Your body does amazing things while you sleep. The better you rest it, the better it performs.

Our innovative Posturepedic Technology™ delivers reinforced support and long-lasting comfort that’s right for you.

We know that each area of your body requires a different level of support, that’s why our advanced springs are responsive to your body shape and movement to ensure the key areas of your body are supported the way they should be.

We’ve been making mattresses for over 100 years, so you can trust us for long lasting quality and that much-needed sleep.

We’re proud to be the start and end of your daily routine. From breakfast time to screen time. First home to forever home. We’ve got your back. And we always will have. Since 1881.

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